THEN THIS IS THE WEBINAR FOR YOU. Join us for this free telecast and learn how to leverage your business success to make a dollar AND a difference.

We go live July 13th at 12p CST
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Join us for this FREE WEBINAR and we’ll show you how to optimize your brand to make a dollar AND a difference

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You're a successful business leader? Then we need you in the world of social entrepreneurship. This exciting new segment of business is seeing companies like Warby Parker, Harry's Razors, and TOMS Shoes experience unbelievable success because they built their brands on profit AND purpose.

So, if you're hungry to leverage your traditional business experience into a profitable venture that has social good at its core - this webinar is for you.


Here's what you'll learn...

You need to be able to tell people who you are and what you stand for.  We'll get you the ammunition to do that.

You're building a movement of changemakers who believe in you and your offering. We'll get you tactics and real life case studies to show you how to do that.

Social entrepreneurs command higher prices.  We'll show you how to price for profit AND purpose.

You've had success in traditional business.  We'll teach you how to leverage that into a social venture.

And Much More....


Meet your presenters....

Jared Angaza

  • Jared is one of the world's leading social entrepreneurs. For over 20 years, he has developed strategies, brands, campaigns, events and creative experiences for charities, governments, philanthropists and for-profit enterprises. He's consulted for scores of brands across the globe, as well as movements such as American Indian Movement, Keep a Child Alive, Genocide Intervention Fund, ONE Campaign, International Justice Mission, Lawyers Without Borders, Save Darfur, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, USAID, and the governments of the United States, Nigeria, Rwanda and Kenya. He's also the co-author of the book Wisdom Meets Passion with his father, best selling author and speaker, Dan Miller. The two describe their journeys as entrepreneurs on a constant quest to live a meaningful life and purposeful vocation.

Josh Schukman

  • Josh is the founder of Social Change Nation, the online hub for businesses that want to make a dollar AND a difference. Prior to starting Social Change Nation, he spent a decade developing cause driven brands at organizations like: AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, World Relief and The Dave Ramsey Show. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship. He's worked with social entrepreneurs the world over and couple their knowledge with his own experiences to help clients transform their work into something that makes a dollar AND a difference.