This article is part of a series I launched at Social Change Nation – I interview Purpose Driven entrepreneurs from around the world for my podcast, and now you’re getting the inside scoop on the lessons they are teaching me…I’m sharing these with you so that we can learn together from these change agents.  So, whether you’re a
  Howdy folks - It’s been a bit since I jumped on here and wrote a post, but there’s a social impact entrepreneur in our community who’s making some serious waves, so I wanted to share his story… To be honest, when I met Peter and he told me about his mission to revolutionize the sunglass industry, I
Howdy folks - today, I want to dig deep into the story of a real life social entrepreneur’s business to help YOU as you manage that balancing act between making a dollar AND a difference. Let me introduce you to Najat Murillo from Live the Give (LTG). Live the Give came my way a few months ago
Hey Change Nation… So I’ve been doing a great deal of pondering lately on a topic of superb importance for all of us - how we can light a fire under our asses to make a dollar AND a difference with our business.  Read on if you’d like to know how to do that… Why does
Those of you who know me know that I do everything in my power to equip and inspire social entrepreneurs around the world. I believe we’ve done an amazing job at that here at Social Change Nation but I have fallen short as a leader when it comes to taking a stand on the justice
Let’s give a special SCN thanks to today’s guest blogger, Cayla Mackey. Cayla is the founder of Unicorn Goods, check it out to find the world’s largest catalogue of vegan clothing, shoes, body products and more for men and women: My journey as a social entrepreneur began before I knew what a social entrepreneur was. When
The following post is written by Niranjan Kumar, founder of “MyClo”, a dedicated change agent who strives to support startup entrepreneurs by providing MicroLoans to further their businesses in order to spread more social change in our world! My time as a social entrepreneur has been an absolutely crazy ride. For starters, I feel still
The following post is written by Benjamin Conard, founder of ‘Five North’, a dedicated change agent who strives to support farmers in West Africa with fair wages, good working conditions, and a democratic workplace by utilizing a fair trade business model. I am a senior in my last semester studying Business Administration and German at
(Photo by Jake Manning- featuring Warby Parker eyewear and ‘The Giving Key‘ necklace.) The following post is written by Emily Waddell, founder of ‘The Honest Consumer’, a dedicated change agent who strives to promote socially-conscious businesses through consumer power and educating buyers about socially good products! This is a common question for me and the
This article originally appeared on Startland News. Entrepreneurship is all the rage these days. You’ve probably noticed the rising trend of people throwing off the shackles of corporate America to launch their own ventures. Millennials especially are known to be a very entrepreneurial generation who weathered the Great Recession to start their own businesses in