Our Promise

Call what follows a set of mantras, call it a philosophy, call it a guiding document or a manifesto – point is, these are our nonnegotiables.  If you want to know who you’re dealing with, look no further than this document – it goes to the heart of who we are at Social Change Nation and what drives us every day.

1) We provide thoughtful, inspiring, and useful content for business that makes a dollar AND a difference. We interview social entrepreneurs from all over the world –these people are changing the world, and we want to learn from them – what works, what doesn’t, and what drives them so that we can provide the best advice possible.

2) Everyone can start doing something right now to change the world. This mantra is the fiber of our being – it is the mojo that holds this entire organization together. Because of this, we interview all kinds of folks, from social entrepreneurs who are running multinational social service organizations to the guy (or gal) down the street who got fed up with a social injustice in your neighborhood, and found an innovative solution to it.

3) We will CHALLENGE you to become a part of this movement. A pitiful number of people are involved in social change – SocialChangeNation WILL TRANSFORM THAT. We will not shy away from calling out and criticizing individuals and organizations who should be doing something, but are doing nothing. Don’t be shocked if something here makes you uncomfortable or uneasy – that’s good. Social Change is that way.

4) We don’t shy from tough conversations. Not because we have all the answers, but because we must stimulate discussion on social justice if we seek social change.

5) You don’t get a free pass for being a non-profit. We never assume an organization is automatically doing good because it is a ‘non-profit’ – all organizations we feature will be challenged to show that they are engaged in for purpose work, regardless of their economic model.

6) Business is not automatically evil. In fact, socially minded businesses who focus on making a dollar AND a difference can be the greatest force for good in our society – transforming systems takes influence, strength, and sway with people. Businesses have this.

7) Profit is not bad. To the contrary, it can be the key to an organization that sustainably and effectively resolves social problems. Organizations must seek not only to create social good, but also to measure it and weave it into the fabric of who they are. It is when these components are lacking that profits can give way to greed and injustice.

8) We are not a tool for politicians. Our philosophy is just that: ours. We are not beholden to any Democrat, Republican, Tea Partier, Liberal, Greener, or Libertarian. Social Change Nation belongs to this nation. We speak TRUTH.

9) We will change business as usual. Social change is possible – moreso than ever before. Social Change Nation vows to use every tool at its disposal to build and engage an army committed to social change.

We will shift the course of humanity. Is that a bold statement? Yes, it is. But our time is now. Never before in the history of human interaction have we been presented with a better opportunity to build a social justice community. Never before have we had the resolution of so many social problems at our fingertips. Never before has my destiny been so dependent on yours. Because of this, Social Change Nation’s goal is nothing less than this: the establishment of universal social justice.