Episode 014: Kyle of LifeEquals - Bringing Nutrition to the World


In my first live interview, I spoke with Kyle FitzGerald of Life Equals - an amazing cause based company right here in my hometown of Kansas City. Life Equals offers multivitamins both direct to consumer, and via channels such as Whole Foods. In turn, each purchase of multivitamins here in the U.S. leads to a one-for-one donation of a supply of multivitamins to a child in one of 50 countries where undernourishment is an extreme problem.

Considering that malnourishment can be directly tied to some of the largest health issues in developing nations, Kyle and the team at Life Equals are tackling one of the world’s most pressing problems with their business. As you will hear, Kyle brings a special passion and heart to this work, and we at Social Change Nation can learn much from the example set by him and his team.

Tune in for some amazing practical tips and strong wisdom from a one-for-one company making a dollar AND a difference.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:42:41)