010: Hayley Besheer of MADI Apparel

Listen in as we hear from the founder of MADI Apparel and native Kansas Citian, Hayley Besheer.  MADI stands for: Make a Difference Intimate Apparel, and was founded three years ago to help provide undergarments to women in need.  Hayley was compelled to help solve this issue after hearing the statistic that underwear is the MOST NEEDED and UNDER-DONATED item of clothing in the US.  Something as simple as having new clean underwear has benefits beyond that of health or comfort.  MADI donates underwear primarily to women at domestic violence shelters, where it symbolizes wealth, independence, and power and makes them less susceptible to sexual abuse.   MADI apparell donates one pair of their high quality and sustainable underwear to woman in need for every pair sold.

Hayley shares how she went from looking for journalism jobs one day, to starting her own social enterprise the next.  She stresses that MADI’s for-profit model is not about making money, but is all about donating the most pairs of underwear possible to create the greatest impact. She explains that giving back as a social enterprenuer is the greatest feeling of satisfaction she has ever experienced.

 “Give back and the world will thank you.”

 Show Notes

  • Best peice of advice:

    • Move forward, don’t look back!

  • Book everyone should read right now:

  • Favorite tool using to grow your business:

  • Favorite fun activity:
    • Reading
    • Sitting and watching the ocean
  • First thing we can all star doing right now to change the world:

    • Pursue your gut feeling on a social issue and create social change!

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