014: Megan of OCEAN Accelerator

Build yourself while building your business.  This is the message of Megan McDonough of OCEAN Accelerator; the nation’s first and only independent faith based high tech business accelerator. Megan shares a different story of social entrepreneurship.  This story does not require putting your personal, family, and spiritual life on hold in order to start a social venture, but instead encourages growth in these areas as you strive to grow your business.  OCEAN is dedicated to providing resources that allow founders to develop a business while still fostering growth in the other important things in their life.  As part of the program, entrepreneurs receive a $20,000 uncapped convertible note, financial support for finding a residence, a branding package, access to dedicated office space, a rich customer network, and two mentors with specific skills matched to the needs of your venture.  OCEAN also cultivates small group sessions and Bible studies focused on growing entrepreneurs into strong followers of Christ.

Megan gives an eye-opening testimony about how faith has played such a vital role in her personal business career as well as the founding of the company.  She also shares how believers do not have to go into the ministry or mission fields to impact others. We can minister to those around us through how we run our business, how we treat people, and how we conduct our daily lives.  Whether or not you adhere to a religion or belief system, social entrepreneurs have a higher calling to create something that is more than just a business. As a social entrepenuer you can impact lives for the better and create a legacy of social change. But Remember…

You got to have FAITH!



  • The best piece of advice:

    • Time is Short.

  • What is a book you think all of us should read:

  • What Tech Tool are you using to helping grow OCEAN?

    • Mail Chimp

      • Email Marketing

    • FundaCity

      • Connecting startups and investors to grow the next big thing

    • F6S

      • Where founders grow together

    • Batterii

      • Cross-functional teams use Batterii to share and build knowledge securely and effectively, building creative capabilities to produce innovative breakthroughs again and again.

  • What is the first thing that we can all start doing to change the world?

    • Look at what you love to do, start doing it, and see how it can be used for the greater good.

    • Do not be afraid of challenge.

  • Tim Mentzner Video

  • Contact:

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