Interview Flow

Hey!  And thanks for considering joining us for an interview with the Voices of Social Change Podcast. I’m Josh, and I do this podcast so that aspiring change agents can hear the stories from some of the most inspiring people on the planet. Below I’ve copied the general flow of my interview - have a look at it, and if you’re still open to chatting, you can click the link below to pop right into my calendar and set a time!

Bottom line: Interviews are kept under 45 minutes and divided into 2 parts that we’ll use to promote you over the course of a week.  This is a chance for you to share your story, your cause, and inspire others to support your work and become change agents themselves.

Part 1: Getting to Know You

-I’ll have you share a bit about yourself personally, and why you started your social venture.

-I may ask you for your favorite quote or life mantra.

-What does it mean to you to be a social entrepreneur?

-What keeps you going despite the odds?

Part 2: Questions I Ask Everyone

1.) Can you tell us what distinguishes your entrepreneurial venture as a ‘social venture’? Or is you’re a story of using traditional entrepreneurship to fuel a social mission?

2.) Tell me more about the specific issue you’re involved in, why this one above all others? Why is this a pressing social problem?

3.) Many of these ventures are for-profit, some non-profits, and some kind of a mix of the two… what made you choose your particular model, and how successful have you been with that model?

3a) I’ll ask more on this - something about your revenue/donation model, how you price competitively while maintaining mission, or something along those lines.

4.) Tell us the accomplishment you’re most proud of?

5.) What has been your biggest disappointment along the road to becoming a change agent?

6.) [if for profit] What unique challenges do you face trying run a for-profit in the social sector?

          6a) What unique advantages?

7.)  In a quick sentence – what leads to a successful social venture?

8.) [if traditional entrepreneur with social side biz] How effective have you been at balancing traditional biz with your social org?

Part 3: Section that’s Unique to Your Cause

-I’ll have a set of questions that I develop from your story, probably 3-4 that relate to some unique issue you face with the social problem you are trying to address.

Part 4: Rapid Fire - the Closeout Questions

-This is a quick back and forth, try to keep your answer to a sentence or two. The goal is to get my audience some quick resources that’ll help them launch and grow.

1.) What’s a social venture, aside from yours, that we’ve gotta check out?

2.) Online resource you’re using (like ZenDesk) that all social entrepreneurs should use?

3.) One piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring change agent?

4.) Favorite fun escape?

5.) A cause based book you think we should all read?

6.) First thing we can do, right now, to start changing the world?

Thanks!  If this looks good, you can click here to pop onto my calendar and pick a time. Otherwise, feel free to email me at if you have other questions!

Keep it real!