032: (Part 1) Julie Martin and Sheila Martinsen of Lions in Four


This week we chat Julie with Martin and Sheila Martinsen, the fashionable founders of Lions in Four.  Jule and Sheila founded Lions in Four in september of 2014, so we get to hear the perspective of some of the latest and greatest players in the sustainable fashion industry.

Lions in Four is a globally-minded, socially conscious, affordable luxury accessory brand. The silks for the company’s collections are created and hand-dyed by Women artisans in the hillsides of Kerala, India.  The company’s mission is to empower women in India and around the world to break the poverty cycle. Lions in Four works with the non-profit WE CARE of India by donating ten percent of their profit to cover operational costs.  The company is also in the process of establishing its own artisan studio and training facility to provide sustainable employment for women and girls in rural South India.

The Julie and Sheila got into social entrepreneurship because they were inspired by others who dedicated their life’s work to solving social issues and yearn to have that same fulfillment. Listen to Part 1 of this interview for some great strategies, advice, and insight into running a caused based business.  Julie and Sheila share the struggles and triumphs of their first year in business  as well as purpose, passion, and vision that will propel them to grow their impact for years to come.  

Tune in on Wednesday, March 10th for Part 2 of this interview with Julie and Sheila of Lions in Four.


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