027: (Part 2) Amy McLaren Leverages Traditional Business to Start Her Own Charity

BONUS: Josh recaps the conversation with Amy McLaren and highlights several key takeaways:  

  1. Core business offering does not have to be tied in with your cause.
  2. Be very sure on starting your own charity instead of supporting and existing one.
  3. Your ability to produce and bring in funds is a major contribution to an organization.
  4. Sustainability-plan for the long term
  5. Taking the core area of professional expertise and combining that with charitable ventures.

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Show Notes:

  • What is a social venture aside from World Teacher Aid that we all should check out?
    • Free The Children — An international charity and educational partner, working both domestically and internationally to empower and enable youth to be agents of change.
  • What online resource that all social entrepreneurs should use?
    • Zoom — Video Conferencing
  • What is one piece of advice you would give an inspiring change agent
    • Go with your gut!
  • What is your favorite fun escape?
    • Traveling to Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia
  • What is the first thing we can do to start changing the world?
    • Believe that you can!
    • Change does not have to be big, but requires action and more than just talk.



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