027: (Part 1) Amy McLaren of World Teacher Aid

Amy McLaren is a full time teacher as well as being the co-founder of the canadian charity World Teacher Aide. The charity is committed to improving education throughout the developing world with a focus on Kenya and Ghana.  World Teacher Aid creates meaningful partnership with local residents and government who help them build and operate schools for underprivileged children in  Kenya.  Amy and her husband Stu McLaren help fund  World Teacher Aid through a traditional business hosting teleseminars, conferences, and retreat events featuring experts on multiple business topics.

Amy unpacks the fundamental principles of how she became a change agent and why she choose to focus on education.  She gives great insight into her decision to start their own charity instead of partnering with an existing one and also talks about how establishing trustworthy local contacts in Kenya and Ghana was critical to grow their impact.One of Amy’s main points of emphasis was the idea of clarity in everything you do within a charity, non-profit, or social venture.  It is impossible in a world with so many different issues to be able to solve all of them, so it is important to focus on one area where you can make a great impact.  World Teacher Aid is very clear about their mission and have seen great impact in changing the lives of Kenyan children and their families.

Do you have clarity in your social enterprise or charity?

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