026: Kyle Fitzgerald Nourishes the World through Life Equals

Kyle Fitzgerald is the Founder of Life Equals, a social venture the sells premium vitamins and supplements to help nourish consumers as well as those in need around the world.  Lack of nutrients causes 1 in every 3 child deaths and affects over 2 billion people worldwide.  Life Equals allows some of the over 140 million Americans who use vitamins every day to play a part to help solve this problem.  Life Equals is the only vitamin company that has a one-for-one giving model.  That means that for every one vitamin sold, they give donate one children’s multivitamin to under nourished children in 44 countries and 33 states.

Kyle gives great insight on what it means to be a social entrepreneur.  He talks specifically about the advantages and challenges that come with sharing an amazing story and cause as well as the attributes of premium vitamin products.  Kyle gives great insight into the many marketing strategies that are used to promote and sell vitamins, and the struggle to stand out among many very similar looking products.  Life Equals features their cause on each bottle.  “Telling the story of saving children’s’ lives, that’s what matters,” says Kyle.

“Tell a story, Start a Movement.”

Show Notes

·         Who is your hero?

o   Vandana Shiva

Astrophysicist and environmental activist.

·         What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

o   The harder you work, the luckier you get.

·         What is your favorite tool you are using life equals?

o   Shopify – E-commerce platform

·         What is a fun escape you turn to when social business gets you down?

o   Rebuilding historic homes in midtown Kansas City

·         What is the best book/magazine you have dug into recently?

o   National Geographic

o   http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/

·         What is the first thing everyone can do to start changing the world?

o   Change Yourself

·         Contact

o   Email Kyle

o   http://www.life-equals.com

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