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Want to add a social mission to your business?  Have a for purpose organization that you want to grow?  Maybe you’re launching or have a dream of launching just such an organization???  If any of this fits you, then this podcast is for you!

Social Entre 101: how to profit…

Friday, 11 September 2015 by
“your profitability = your ability to profit others.” – Social Change Nation Welcome to another fantastic Friday.  As you’re now well aware, Friday is the day we dish out a fresh installment of social entrepreneurship 101.  These are the lessons I learned from interviews with 101 social entrepreneurs. If you’ve missed any, click here for the audio versions. Today, let’s talk
Hey Change Nation! We are back with our series featuring the ‘Best of SCN’! This series is focused on taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting and sharing the inspiring and challenging stories of our early entrepreneurs! This week we are bringing back Olivier Kamanda, who has some good news about
“Make people feel like they can become part of something greater than themselves, and they’ll love you for it.” That’s a little quote I dreamed up as I was chatting with social entrepreneurs around the world.  If there is one thing that makes a successful social entrepreneur stand out, it’s their ability to bring people
I hope you’re having a stellar Friday.  On my end, I’m deep in wedding planning and ready for some cooler fall weather! Football season is also kicking into high gear, so I’m pretty jazzed about that. Anyway, for our next installment of social entrepreneurship 101 I want us to move into the nuts and bolts
Welcome to this latest installment in Social Entrepreneurship 101. If you missed the other lessons, check out the audio versions here. Today, let’s chat about your partners who’ll help you build your venture. The fundamental truth of social entrepreneurship is this: we’re all in it together. Social entrepreneurs are the most generous, caring, and helpful people on
Welcome back to our series on social entrepreneurship!  I’m working to get you the basic foundation you’d need to get rolling as a social entrepreneur.  Oh, and btw, if you didn’t catch the first parts of the series, I’ll be posting it all on the podblog. Click here if you missed out. Today will be a longer
What’s krackin’?  I hope you’ve been having a swell day, and are ready to rock your Friday with some words of wisdom about social change. Before we break into today’s lesson on social entrepreneurship, I wanted to apologize that I haven’t put out a ‘best of’ episode of the podcast here in a bit.  That’s
I mentioned that you can get a $1k grant to start your social venture in this podcast – click here for more info. “We’ve got trouble?” It was the 5th time in about as many days that I’d heard this question from Arion.  Despite the fact that it typically followed one of his many classroom

What’s your ‘why’?

Friday, 31 July 2015 by
“We’ve got trouble?” It was the 5th time in about as many days that I’d heard this question from Arion.  Despite the fact that it typically followed one of his many classroom disturbances, it always made me smile inwardly. The little dude was a troublemaker to be sure, but he was also one of my

Social Entrepreneurship 101

Friday, 24 July 2015 by
In a hurry and just wanna listen to this post?  Click here to subscribe to our podblog on Itunes.   What’s happenin’?  I really can’t tell you how excited I am for the things we have on the horizon here at Change Nation.  From the reformatted podcast to the book we’re writing, to the online classes