This article originally appeared in Millennial Magazine Article after article has shown that millennials are the most purpose driven generation. We value purpose over the size of our paycheck, demand meaningful work, and are consistently on the hunt for new ways to change the world. Enter the social entrepreneur. Millennials are also called the most entrepreneurial
Entrepreneurs are, by nature, idea lovers. Our passion for our ideas is what keeps us going through failure. It’s what keeps us motivated to work 90 hour weeks for little to no pay.  It’s what makes us put up with all the relational, physical, and emotional stress that comes with ‘running our own thing’. But
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I’ve been around non-profits for much of my career.  First, WHAT I LOVE: I love the people involved – their passion and energy are so often unparalleled in other arenas, and they’re usually very knowledgeable in terms of why society has a lot of the problems it does.  People in this world are also usually
So, as I’ve mentioned here before, I’ve got a little project going here where I’ve been interviewing Social Entrepreneurs in my hometown of Kansas City – folks who go above and beyond to innovate and bring radical change into their communities. The dude I interviewed yesterday floored me with his story (We’ll call him Dave):
“We’ve got trouble?” It was the fifth time in about as many days that I had heard this question from Arion… and, despite the fact that it generally came on the tail of some kind of classroom disturbance, it always made me smile inwardly. Arion was a troublemaker – it’s true. But he was also
Let’s be honest here—all of us in the social venture space have moments when we seriously question the difference we’re really making. Being on the front lines of social justice means that we are constantly bombarded with injustice, challenge and scarcity at a level that few others know. Now, of course our passion and our love
There’s an old story we always used to tell back in my days at City Year.  It goes like this: A young girl is walking down the beach & notices that the tide has gone out, leaving thousands of starfish on the beach to bake and die in the sun.  In her simple childhood innocence,
There’s a major problem with the social mission of most every traditional company in America: they don’t sell their social impact.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered what charitable causes a large company donates to only to find that I have to dig through about 20 web pages to figure it out. 
As we pass through Martin Luther King Jr. day today, it’s fitting to think through the lessons that this great man offers us.  For me personally, his philosophies and tenacity had a profound influence on my sense of social justice and social action. When I was an AmeriCorps member, I remember we always considered MLK day a