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When? January 24th at 1p CST (a recording will be provided too :)

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We will walk you through the tactics that veterans use to create ventures that run on profit AND purpose.

Do you have the passion and drive to launch a social entrepreneur's business? Do you feel you're missing something to make it happen? Then we need you on this webinar. Our exciting new segment of business is seeing companies like Warby Parker, Harry's Razors and TOMS Shoes experience unbelievable success because they built themselves on mission AND margin.

Stoked to join in but can't make the time??? Seriously don't worry about that :) Just sign up anyway and we'll shoot you a recorded version as soon as we have it!


Here's what we'll show you...

Learn the tactics the pros use to start getting people talking about cause minded products & services from day 1.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to cost a lot to start a business that makes a dollar AND a difference. We'll show you proven tactics to launch for less time and money than you ever thought possible.

Think you don't have the resources you need?  Think again. We've helped social entrepreneurs all over the world use materials they have at their fingertips to launch wildly successful ventures. We'll tell you all about that here :)

Tired of feeling like you're going it alone, never knowing where to focus or how to prioritize? By joining this webinar, you'll link up with a network of social entrepreneurs just like you. They get it. They get the struggle, the passion, the fear. You'll get to link arms with them as you build your venture.

And Much More....


Meet your presenter....

Josh Schukman

  • Josh is the founder of Social Change Nation, the online hub for businesses that want to make a dollar AND a difference. Prior to starting Social Change Nation, he spent a decade developing cause driven brands at organizations like: AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, World Relief and The Dave Ramsey Show. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship. He's worked with social entrepreneurs the world over and couples their knowledge with his own experiences to help clients make a dollar AND a difference.