Rebrand & Reposition

Building a successful business is a challenge most people never even achieve. And figuring out how to leverage that success for the benefit of humanity and our planet can be equally or even more challenging without the proper guidance.

  • You don’t want to your time and money to be wasted on fruitless efforts.
  • You don’t want your efforts to eventually end up contributing to the same problems you’re trying to correct.
  • Your time is limited because you’re still running a successful business.
  • You can’t risk your current business success through activities that may drain your resources or jeopardize your reputation for success.

The transition into a social enterprise can be quite daunting. But there is a way to make the transition that can be very exciting, inspiring and advantageous for your brand.

We’ve developed a comprehensive brand development program specifically catered to existing businesses that want to convert to a social enterprise, without compromising your current success.

In fact, we expect you will thrive even more as a social enterprise than before you made the transition.

If you are a newer social enterprise, in the game for less than 3 years, you may want to check out our Crafting Your Brand program that is catered more towards newer ventures. 


Here is the basic process and deliverables for the Rebrand & Reposition program. Each element will be catered to your specific needs.



  • To gather information and establishing a baseline understanding of the history, goals and trajectory of the brand.
  • When necessary, we will conduct a focus group to gather more detailed information.
  • We will take an in depth look at your competition and potential market and incorporate that information as we go.
  • The majority of this phase is conversational, as we get to know more about you, your team and your vision.

Since this process involves repositioning the brand, we recognize that there are often board members, partners and executives we may need to talk to in order to ensure complete understanding and buy in.


  • Brand Audit Questionnaire (for individual each director)
  • Brand Audit Feedback
  • Competitive Analysis
  • In Depth Question & Answer Sessions (may include board members and partners)




  • This is where we begin to dial in on the details of the brand you are aspiring to craft.
  • Develop your brand strategy, positioning and messaging and ultimately produce your Brand Profile,
    which serves as the foundation for the brand and sets the tone for every other output we will develop.
  • From the Brand Profile development process, we will be prepared to offer recommendations for the way forward.


  • Target Demographic / Client Avatar
  • Tone & Personality
  • Unique Selling Propositions
  • Mission, Vision, Core Values
    • The Vision Statement will set the tone for the Mission, Essence, Core Values and Mantra
  • Brand Essence (one – four words)
  • Brand Mantra (30 second pitch)
  • Founding Story
  • Tagline or Slogan (when applicable)
  • Repositioning Strategy Discussions and Action Plan (results to be implemented in Brand Book)
  • Relaunch Campaign Program




  • Utilize the Brand Profile to develop the creative elements that will be incorporated into your Visual Identity and necessary supporting collaterals.
  • Formulate your Brand Standards that will ultimately be reflected in your Brand Book.


  • Visual Identity
    • Logo, Typography & Colour Palette
    • Icon (when applicable)
    • Supporting Graphics
    • Application Examples
  • Stationary
    • Business Cards
    • Letterhead (Word or Pages Template)
    • Envelope
    • Email Signature
  • Application Standards (to be applied in Brand Book)
    • Print
    • Web
    • Presentation
  • Communication Standards
  • Image Standards (to be applied in Brand Book)
  • Graphics Standards (to be applied in Brand Book)




  • Develop templates and foundational content to support the brand.
  • Determine and develop necessary brand collaterals to support the brand experience.
  • Develop Brand Book Content Index that reflects all needed structure and content for the Brand Book.
  • Complete the Brand Book. This is the ultimate output of the brand development process. This is your “bible” that will help to ensure excellence and consistency in the brand experience.


  • Presentation Templates (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.)
  • Completion of Brand Book (PDF Format)
    • Everything that has been developed in Phase One – Four will be implemented in the Brand Book.
    • Typically we will produce a first draft, discuss, and then create a final Brand Book for signoff.


  • Templates
  • Supporting Brand Collaterals
  • Complete Brand Book