Our Impact Business Bootcamp will get you the mentorship, network, and tactics you need to be a rockstar social entrepreneur.

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What is this?

It's a completely online/virtual program that'll help get you from where you are to where you want to be in social entrepreneurship.

We combine video courses, mentoring from veteran impact entrepreneurs, group coaching and a private Facebook group to help you walk step by step through the challenges you face in impact business.

We only open this to new students every few months. This is because we want you to go through the program together with other social impact entrepreneurs just like you. Having said that, we've designed The Bootcamp so you can access all it has to offer at the times that are convenient for you.

Most students take 3-5 months to complete the foundational program in The Bootcamp. Beyond that, The Bootcamp is tailor made to continue offering the mentorship, coaching, and accountability you'll need as you face new challenges in social entrepreneurship.


And who is it for?

If you are...

-Still searching for your social impact business idea

-Struggling with the balancing act between making a dollar AND a difference

-Dreading your current work because it lacks margin AND meaning

-Or just needing a blueprint to bring your impact business idea to life

Then the Impact Business Bootcamp was made for you...


By joining the Impact Business Bootcamp, you'll get access to our network of mentors who bring a wealth of industry specific knowledge to the table. They'll each host a video with us and then they'll answer YOUR questions LIVE in our private Facebook group.


Featured Teacher

For each new class of The Bootcamp we also have a 'featured teacher'. This is someone who brings a special level of knowledge to the table...

Our next class will feature Jesse Schultz who heads up Social Innovation at Warby Parker. Warby Parker is a VERY well known eyeglass company that's selling stylish glasses WHILE ALSO giving to aspiring eyeglass entrepreneurs around the world.

They're disrupting an entire industry and getting all kinds of recognition for it (e.g. INC 500, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc...)


Jesse Schultz, Head of Social Innovation

Warby Parker

And here are the other world class mentors that'll be helping you out via video lessons AND live in our private Facebook group...

Adam Connatser

Social Entrepreneur's Legal

Click here to see what Adam teaches
Adam and his partner Bob are THE legal team for you as you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of impact business. Adam's been serving social entrepreneurs all over the world for over 14 years. He'll teach you all about the unique legal options you have in social entrepreneurship.

Founder of GlobeIn

Click here to read Liza's Bio!
GlobeIn's "Artisan Box Club" is the Fair Trade version of Birchbox: every month they send out a curated monthly box of home decor and kitchen products to their community that celebrates sustainable craft and beautiful artisanal work.

Liza's spent her career in poverty alleviation. She'll show you:

-Digital marketing
-Artisanal sourcing
-Customer acquisition strategies

President of Kiva US

Click here to see what Jonny teaches
Jonny's a close friend and is President of Kiva US, where he leads the charge on micro funding for small/medium ventures in the states. He's a Cambridge grad who also happens to be one of the nicest guys we know :) He teaches us about crowdfunding for social good.

Founder of MADI Apparel

Click here to see what Hayley teaches
MADI sells sustainable intimates and for each product sold donates a pair of women's underwear to a domestic violence shelter. Hayley is a wizard at creating amazingly impactful partnerships that'll help you grow your social good.

Founder of Cause Artist

Click here to see what Grant teaches
Grant's a master of web dev - he's built many a website for social entrepreneurs AND his company is THE online hub for socially conscious consumers. There's no better or bigger platform out there highlighting the brands, products, and services leading the way FOR GOOD. He'll teach us how he did it.

Founder of GlobeIn

Click here to read Liza's Bio!
GlobeIn's "Artisan Box Club" is the Fair Trade version of Birchbox: every month they send out a curated monthly box of home decor and kitchen products to their community that celebrates sustainable craft and beautiful artisanal work.

Liza's spent her career in poverty alleviation. She'll show you:

-Digital marketing
-Artisanal sourcing
-Customer acquisition strategies

Founder of Mission Belt

Click here to see what Zac teaches
Mission Belt went on the hit TV show "Shark Tank", pitched, and got funded by Damond John. If they can talk those sharks into funding them - you know Zac can teach you a thing or two about getting cash for your social venture.

Founder of Mission Belt

Click here to see what Zac teaches
Mission Belt went on the hit TV show "Shark Tank", pitched, and got funded by Damond John. If they can talk those sharks into funding them - you know Zac can teach you a thing or two about getting cash for your social venture.

Founder Five North Chocolate

Click here to see what Ben teaches
Benjamin's our former student turned teacher. He started his company in a college kitchen and has since grown it to shipping their healthy and fair trade chocolates nationwide. Benjamin's a master at launching on a shoestring.

Founder of Hostel KC

Click here to see what Brittain teaches
Hostel KC is the midwest's first purpose driven Hostel. It's the place where 'Sleep has a Purpose' because for every 300 beds booked they'll build homes for families in need in the Caribbean.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Click here to see what Joe teaches
Yellow Leaf employs artisanal communities with excellent wages as they weave some of the world's best hammocks. Joe and Yellow Leaf are rockstars at helping the story of their people shine forth. Yellow Leaf teaches us what bold branding is all about.


Every week, we'll release a new video module for you. Plus, every month we'll send you a bonus video interview with one of our mentors. These videos will teach you the tactics you need to grow a business that makes a dollar AND a difference.  

You'll be able to watch these videos ON DEMAND and then workshop them with fellow entrepreneurs via the private Facebook group. Here's a sampling of the video modules (click on them for an expanded description):

Module 1

The basics...

Learn the basics of what it means to be a social entrepreneur + learn about the many different models of social entrepreneurship.
Learn how to zero in on the cause that will be the focus of your business and mission.
Learn how to lay a simple foundation for your legal structure, funding model, and branding.
Grant tells us all about the world of social good and gives us some awesome tactics around branding, web tactics, and social media.
Module 2

Telling your story (branding)

People don't care about what you have to offer until they understand WHY you do what you do. This is even more important as an impact entrepreneur, so we'll help you get to the heart of your why and then weave it into your brand.
We'll show you some awesome tactics and some super tools to help you build things like your logo, landing pages, taglines, and websites much more quickly (and affordably) than you ever thought possible.
Kyle of Indosole will join us on this lesson to show us how he built a brand around the stories of people who are repurposing junk tires into beautiful sandals.
Jared's been a lifelong social entrepreneur and he's worked with brands like the Unreasonable Institute, USAID, Freedom House, and several African governments - just to name a few. I know of no one else who would be better to talk branding than Jared, so we'll sit down with him for a tell all chat.
Module 3

Legal structures and funding

Should you be a for profit or non-profit? A B-Corps or 3LC? What if you're outside the U.S.??? No matter where you are, legal options are an alphabet soup that can be hard to navigate. So in this lesson, we'll sit down with the social entrepreneur's legal team and get to the bottom of it all.
We'll chat with Zac of Mission Belt on this one. His company pitched and got funded on the hit TV show Shark Tank so he'll help us understand the impact capital landscape.
Brittain of Hostel KC and Olivier of Ideal Impact both used crowdfunding to raise thousands for their businesses. We'll chat with them to figure out their secret sauce :)
Tune in as we sit down with Jonny Price of Kiva US. He'll tell us all about how microfunding could be the key to launching your impact business.
Module 4

Building a community of customers (marketing)

Learn the proven tactics that’ll get you customers right away so you can start making a dollar AND a difference in your area of impact.
Learn the tactics used by the greatest social entrepreneurs to leverage the awesome power of social media to grow your movement.
One of the largest challenges faced by any entrepreneur is how to grow an audience for your service or product. In this class, you’ll learn a set of proven tactics for building a community of customers that love what you do.
Benjamin started making his healthy and fair trade chocolate in a free kitchen at his university. He then grew into pop up shops around up state New York and then into an e-commerce store shipping nationwide.
He did this all over the period of jut 6 months...Join us as we sit with him to figure out his secrets for building a community of customers super fast.

Okay, cool, so sum it all up for me?

Here's a recap of everything you'll get in the Impact Business Bootcamp...



You simply WILL NOT find a better or more qualified group of impact entrepreneurs than our network of mentors. No matter the industry you're in or unique problem you face, we've got someone who's been there and done that. We're ready to help you overcome whatever it is that's holding you back.




A private Facebook group just for you and your fellow students

  • Ongoing access to social entrepreneurs from around the world who will help you through your struggles, celebrate your successes, and get you what you need to make a dollar AND a difference.

  • Immediate advice and assistance as you grow your cause based startup.

  • Past students regard this as one of the most valuable aspects of the class. You'll be amazed at the connections you make working with other startup social entrepreneurs just like you.

  • You'll have access to this Facebook group for as long as you're part of the bootcamp.



Video Modules + Bonus Interviews

We'll send you new videos every two weeks and you can watch them ON DEMAND. These videos are proven to get you the foundational tactics you need and our bonus interviews will address unique problems that we see new impact entrepreneurs face all the time.


Group Coaching

This is one of the most popular features of the bootcamp! Once you've gotten through your foundational video modules, you'll be eligible to participate in monthly group coaching calls. These are calls with our founder and a small group of fellow students. On these calls, you'll have the opportunity to get ONE-ON-ONE coaching from Josh (our founder) around unique challenges you're facing in your business.


On-demand access to everything The Bootcamp has to offer.

Worried about not being able to fit this into your schedule? Don't be. You can tune into the videos, schedule group coaching, and get help from the private Facebook group when it works for you.


Exclusive access to The Launch Hub

The Launch Hub is where we put all kinds of bonus resources that are EXCLUSIVELY for students in The Bootcamp. Want case studies with real life impact businesses? Face to face video interviews with veteran social entrepreneurs? Recordings of all of our group coaching calls? Video training from our founder on advanced tactics like Facebook ads, web design, and brand creation?

The Launch Hub has all this and more... You'll have private access to it for as long as your a member of The Bootcamp.


Benjamin ConardFounder of Five North Chocolates
Social Change Nation has helped me go from business plan to in business. Thank you Josh & Social Change Nation for giving me the tools, resources, network, and motivation I needed to make a dollar AND a difference!
Kathy WongFounder of Moeloco
As a student, expect invaluable resources and connections to a great community of colleagues, together with unbelievable support from the founder, Joshua Schukman.
David DietzFounder of Modavanti
The great thing about Social Change Nation is the network of top caliber entrepreneurs that Joshua is able to engage with.
Sheryl LuzFounder of
Social Change Nation provided remarkable content and practical guidance through group coaching. Their approach of incorporating real life situations of social entrepreneurs is very effective and encouraging.
Ben BlockFounder of GozAround
I have been working with Josh since the early days of my venture...His knowledge and passion for social entrepreneurship is unmatched, and he never hesitates to make himself available to share ideas, an outside perspective, and even his network.
Caroline DePalatis Founder of CultureWeave
It means a lot to those of us just starting out on a social entrepreneurial adventure to be able to talk with a real person and get some solid feedback. The time was inspiring and full of value.



Awesomesauce! Our next class will be starting soon and you can apply to our waiting list below :)

We launch new classes of The Bootcamp a few times each year. Space is limited and it's really important TO US and FOR YOU that we get you rolling with a group of students who will help you grow as an impact entrepreneur.

You should also know that this is a program that will demand a lot from you. While we've done our best to make it flexible and to design a program that fits around your schedule, this will require an investment of time from you. Our most successful students invest 2-3 hours/week in the program for 3 months.

It'll take you a few minutes to apply and we encourage you to only take this step if you know you're ready to rocket forward in your social entrepreneur's journey.


Wait...what about the price?

We discuss this in the application, but let's go ahead and chat about it here too :)

The first thing you should know is that we DO offer partial scholarships that are based on financial need. You'll have the chance to indicate this in the application if you'd like to be considered.

Having said that, we're going to be bringing everything we've got to the table for you. We'll literally pour our hearts and souls into your social impact business during the time you're in The Bootcamp.

In return, we need to know that you're ready to pour your energy and invest some financial resources into your success.

Here are the options we offer to each student:

  • Monthly
  • $ 134 per month
  • -2 foundational videos per month
  • -Bonus video every month
  • -Access to our private Facebook group
  • -Group coaching calls
  • 6 Month Package
  • $ 727 per 6 months
  • All benefits of 3 month package plus...
  • -1 hr. of coaching with our founder
  • -$50 Facebook ad credit + free coaching
  • -Graphic design 'starter package' (1 logo & 2 social media graphics)

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! Here it is:

'We're going to do everything in our power to help you be a successful social entrepreneur and it's going to demand a lot of work from you.  If, in the end, you pour your heart into this and don’t feel like you get significant return on every dollar you put in, tell us what you thought it was actually worth and we’ll refund the difference. All the way down to zero. 

You'll have 3 months from the day of sign up to let us know.'

FAQs (and how to contact us)


With all the free resources out there, why pay to join The Bootcamp?

Good point. In fact, with our podcast, blog, and video content, Social Change Nation is one of the largest hubs featuring free content for startup social entrepreneurs. This will always be part of our mission as the toolbox for those working to make a dollar AND a difference.

But we always knew there was a group at Social Change Nation that wanted more. That's why we took it to the next level by offering The Impact Business Bootcamp. There is simply nowhere else that you'll find such a high caliber group of startup social entrepreneurs working together to spark change. By joining The Bootcamp, you'll be dramatically shortening your journey from where you are to where you want to be.  You'll grow with a small group of fellow students who are equally as devoted to profit AND purpose.  You'll get access to world class mentorship. And you'll take the very important step of investing in yourself and your business.

And, we've noticed something else... the students that invest the time, resources, and energy into a focused program are the ones who succeed. So, whether you choose to join our bootcamp or another program you will inevitably need to choose to sacrifice in order to win.


What if I don't yet have an idea for the business I want to start?

That's okay!  The Bootcamp will help you with that too. As long as you know you want to start a venture that makes a dollar AND a difference we'll be able to walk you through the idea crafting stage!


How much interaction do I get with the mentors?

Quite a bit!  We have great relationships with our mentors - all of whom are veteran social entrepreneurs.  As you have industry specific questions, we'll be able to take them to our mentors on your behalf.  The mentors often appear in our private Facebook group too.  Lastly, you'll get direct instruction from many of them via our course videos.


How long before I'll start seeing results from The Bootcamp?

We focus on getting you the basic tools for making a dollar AND a difference within 3 months.  As long as you're watching the videos, doing your homework, interacting on the Facebook group and taking advantage of group coaching calls, you will see significant traction in that amount of time.

Beyond your initial 3 months, The Bootcamp will be greatly helpful as you workshop new challenges and need new connections while growing your venture.


Where will my fellow classmates be from and what kinds of businesses are they starting?

We have students from all over the world working in industries ranging from socially conscious fashion to tech for good.  No matter the industry though, you'll find that all social entrepreneurs have a great deal in common.


Why don't you offer a free trial?

Because we want to make sure that you truly believe that The Bootcamp will offer you far more value than what we're charging.  Our heart is to get the best students in the program who are truly ready to make a massive impact and to invest in their success. If you don't feel sure on that, we'd be happy to answer any questions and walk you through that decision BEFORE you sign up.

Also, we offer a promise (via our guarantee) that we'll refund you every penny if you don't feel you get significant return, so you can rest easy there.


Have more questions?

No problem at all!  Just fire off an email to and he'll be happy to help out :)