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Are you ready to make a dollar AND a difference but short on time and funds to make it happen?

The Social Entrepreneur's Startup Package will show you how to make every second count with a program and tactics that'll get you from idea to earning faster than you'd ever thought possible.

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First, you should get to know our network of mentors...

By snagging The Social Entrepreneur's Startup Package, you'll get access to our network of mentors who bring a wealth of industry specific knowledge to the table. You'll be able to access them via our private Facebook group and many of them appear in the videos you'll get as part of the package. Check out their bios below:


Founder of Indosole

Repurposing tires into shoes

Founder of Project 7

World changing gums & mints

Founder of Hostel KC

Where sleep has a purpose

Founder of Ideal Impact

Change the world with the news you read

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Empowering artisanal communities

Founder of Modavanti

Leading the conscious fashion revolution

Founder of Arcadia Power

Bringing clean power everywhere

Founder of Mission Belt

Buy a Belt - Feed a Family

I'm ready to learn from these mentors!

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It's a package for startup social entrepreneurs who want to make a dollar AND a difference. It includes a 100+ page e-book, five in-depth videos featuring interviews with our mentors above, and LIFETIME access to a private Facebook group made up of startup social entrepreneurs just like you.

Starting on your own is tough enough - it's made even tougher when you want to be a social entrepreneur. This startup package will walk you through a blueprint for launching and growing your social entrepreneur's business. You'll get knowledge from the world's leading social entrepreneurs + accountability from a group of fellow startup social entrepreneurs + tactics that will get you the speed and efficiency you need to make it in this business.

This is what you'll get:

  • Our 100+ page e-book: Social Entrepreneurship 101
  • Exclusive videos featuring interviews with the world's leading social entrepreneurs
  • A private Facebook group of active social entrepreneurs just like you!
  • Access to funding resources for your venture
  • Training on how to launch for far less time and money than you think you need
  • and much more...



Is it for me

It's for you if you are ready to start a business that makes a dollar AND a difference. It's for you if your desire to create social good through business is impossible for you to ignore. It's for you if you're ready to grow your impact and need a community of support. If that's you, you're in the right place. This program will get you the tools, accountability, and tactics you need to startup and grow your venture.


With all the business packages out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you... the Social Entrepreneur's Startup Package is offered EXCLUSIVELY by and for startup social entrepreneurs. Our Facebook group and mentor network understand the unique challenges that come with trying to make a dollar AND a difference. Oh, and those other business coaching programs? They can cost into the hundreds of dollars... here at Social Change Nation we'll be super friendly to your wallet (just be sure to snag this by November 25th for a super sweet deal! :)

As part of the package, we'll get you 5 foundational videos that'll help you lay the groundwork for your social venture.  You'll be able to watch these on demand and then workshop them with fellow entrepreneurs via the private Facebook group. Here are the videos you'll get:

Learn the basics of what it means to be a social entrepreneur + learn about the many different models of social entrepreneurship.
Learn how to zero in on the cause that will be the focus of your business and mission.
Learn how to lay a simple foundation for your legal structure, funding model, and branding.
Learn the proven tactics that’ll get you customers right away so you can start making a dollar AND a difference in your area of impact.
Learn the tactics used by the greatest social entrepreneurs to leverage the awesome power of social media to grow your movement.

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On-demand access to everything The Startup Package has to offer.

Worried about not being able to fit this into your schedule? Don't be. You can tune into the videos, read the e-book, and get help from the private Facebook group anytime that works for you.


Lifetime access to a private Facebook group

  • Ongoing access to your fellow classmates to share documents, videos, and best practices.  We at SCN have had this private Facebook group for a bit now and the growth has been incredible!  It will be a powerful tool in your journey to social entrepreneurship.

  • Immediate advice and assistance as you grow your cause based startup.

  • Past students regard this as one of the most valuable aspects of the class. You'll be amazed at the connections you make working with other startup social entrepreneurs just like you.

  • You'll have lifetime access to this Facebook group.


The Book: Social Entrepreneurship 101

This book will be released in mid January and you'll be one of the first to get it.  It's packed with knowledge from our interviews and work with social entrepreneurs from around the world.  It'll be your go to guide as you start making a dollar AND a difference.


Access to funding resources exclusively for rockstar social entrepreneurs

We at SCN are proud that we've helped our members get funding for their ventures. As a student in The School of Social Entrepreneurship, we'll do everything in our power to help you secure an initial level of funding for your social venture.

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Still needing more? Hear what others are saying below...


Benjamin ConardFounder of Five North Chocolates
Social Change Nation has helped me go from business plan to in business. Thank you Josh & Social Change Nation for giving me the tools, resources, network, and motivation I needed to make a dollar AND a difference!
David DietzFounder of Modavanti
The great thing about Social Change Nation is the network of top caliber entrepreneurs that Joshua is able to engage with.
Sheryl LuzFounder of
Social Change Nation provided remarkable content and practical guidance through group coaching. Their approach of incorporating real life situations of social entrepreneurs is very effective and encouraging.
Caroline DePalatis Founder of CultureWeave
It means a lot to those of us just starting out on a social entrepreneurial adventure to be able to talk with a real person and get some solid feedback. The time was inspiring and full of value.




This package will get you early access to the videos featuring our mentors, the book: Social Entrepreneurship 101, and lifetime access to our private Facebook group.

If you pre-order by November 25th @ 11:59pm you will get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the above for a one-time $17.

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Lifetime? I'll take that action!

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Cool! But what's my guarantee?

We're going to do everything in our power to help you be a successful social entrepreneur and it's going to demand a lot of work from you.  If, in the end, you pour your heart into this and don’t feel like you get significant return on every dollar you put in, tell us what you thought it was actually worth and we’ll refund the difference. All the way down to zero.

FAQs (and how to contact us)


With all the free resources out there, why pay for this?

Good point. In fact, with our podcast, blog, and video content, Social Change Nation is one of the largest hubs featuring free content for startup social entrepreneurs. This will always be part of our mission as the toolbox for those working to make a dollar AND a difference.

But we always knew there was a group at Social Change Nation that wanted more. That's why we took it to the next level by offering The Startup Social Entrepreneur's Package. There is simply nowhere else that you'll find such a high caliber group of startup social entrepreneurs working together to spark change. By snagging this package, you'll be dramatically shortening your journey from where you are to where you want to be.  You'll grow with a small group of fellow students who are equally as devoted to profit AND purpose.  You'll get access to world class knowledge from veteran social entrepreneurs. And you'll take the very important step of investing in yourself and your business.

Lastly, we've noticed something here at SCN... the students that invest the time, resources, and energy into a focused program are the ones who succeed. Whether you choose to grab this startup package or join another program, you will inevitably need to choose to sacrifice in order to win.


How long before I'll start seeing results?

We focus on getting you the basic tools for making a dollar AND a difference within 1 month.  As long as you're watching the videos, reading the book, and interacting on the Facebook group you will see significant traction in that amount of time.


Where are other members of the Facebook group from and what kinds of businesses are they starting?

We have students from all over the world working in industries ranging from socially conscious fashion to tech for good.  No matter the industry though, you'll find that all social entrepreneurs have a great deal in common.


Have more questions?

No problem at all!  Just fire off an email to and he'll be happy to help out :)