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What is this?

It's a way for you to get everything the Impact Business Bootcamp has to offer for 6 months + high level brand development + one-on-one coaching that we usually charge much more for.

--The 'Founders Package' will get you all of that in one package and for a much lower price.

Note: If you're here, I assume you know all that's included with the Impact Business Bootcamp. If you need to check that first, here's the link:


Do you offer a guarantee?

Yulp! Here she is:

We're going to do everything in our power to help you be a successful social entrepreneur and it's going to demand a lot of work from you.  If, in the end, you pour your heart into this and don’t feel like you get significant return on every dollar you put in, tell us what you thought it was actually worth and we’ll refund the difference. All the way down to zero.