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Module 1

The basics...

Module 2

Telling your story (branding)

Kyle of Indosole will join us on this lesson to show us how he built a brand around the stories of people who are repurposing junk tires into beautiful sandals.

Jesse has helped build Warby Parker into a powerhouse brand that's disrupting the eyeglass industry AND changing lives around the world. In this video, she'll teach how they did it.

Module 3

Legal structures and funding

Brittain of Hostel KC and Olivier of Ideal Impact both used crowdfunding to raise thousands for their businesses. We'll chat with them to figure out their secret sauce :)
Tune in as we sit down with Jonny Price of Kiva US. He'll tell us all about how microfunding could be the key to launching your impact business.
Module 4

Building a community of customers (marketing)

Learn the proven tactics that’ll get you customers right away so you can start making a dollar AND a difference in your area of impact.
Learn the tactics used by the greatest social entrepreneurs to leverage the awesome power of social media to grow your movement.
One of the largest challenges faced by any entrepreneur is how to grow an audience for your service or product. In this class, you’ll learn a set of proven tactics for building a community of customers that love what you do.
Benjamin started making his healthy and fair trade chocolate in a free kitchen at his university. He then grew into pop up shops around up state New York and then into an e-commerce store shipping nationwide.
He did this all over the period of jut 6 months...Join us as we sit with him to figure out his secrets for building a community of customers super fast.

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