Ready to startup in social entrepreneurship? This coaching group will get you there faster.

Are you ready to make a dollar and a difference but short on time to make it happen? This group coaching circle will show you how to make every second count with a program and tactics that'll get you from idea to earning faster than you'd ever thought possible.

Social Change Nation is the online hub for startup social entrepreneur's. For the first time, we're offering a group coaching program to just 10 students.  We'll be bringing everything to the table for this, from our connections to social entrepreneurs around the world to the tactics we use to take aspiring social entrepreneurs from idea to launch.

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By joining this virtual business accelerator, you'll get access to our network of mentors who bring a wealth of industry specific knowledge to the table. You'll be able to access them through our private Facebook group and (reasonable) email interaction. Many of them will also appear LIVE on our group coaching calls. Check out their bios below:

Kyle P. Founder of Indosole
Re-purposing Tires Into Shoes

Joe Demin
Creates Microbusiness Opportunities

Tyler M. of Project 7
Created a Partnership with 7-Up

David Dietz of Modavanti
Creating a Sustainable Fashion Revolution

Brittain of Hostel KC
Where Sleep has a Purpose

Kiran of Arcadia Power
Using Tech to Provide Clean Power

Olivier K of Ideal Impact
Raised over $20k on Indiegogo

Zac H. of Mission Belt
Pitched and Won on Shark Tank


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What is this?  It's a 3 month acceleration program for startup social entrepreneurs who want to make a dollar AND a difference. Starting on your own is tough enough - it's made even tougher when you want to be a social entrepreneur. This group coaching program will walk you through a blueprint for starting your social entrepreneur's business. You'll get mentorship from the world's leading social entrepreneurs (more on the mentors below) + accountability from a group of fellow startup social entrepreneurs + tactics that will get you the speed and efficiency you need to make it in this business. Who is it for? It's for you if you are ready to start a business that makes a dollar AND a difference, but haven't quite made the leap. Your desire to create social good through business is impossible for you to ignore and now is your time to launch. If that's you, you're in the right place. This program will get you the tools, accountability, and tactics you need to startup your venture. This program will teach:

  • How to get customers from day 1.
  • How to use materials you already have to start your purpose driven business.
  • How to network with other startup social entrepreneurs for accountability and support.
  • How to create cause based partnerships that will grow your business exponentially.
  • How to work with your target customers to build products and services.

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Three Months of Group Coaching 

With all the business coaching programs out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you... This is the only program that is offered EXCLUSIVELY by and for startup social entrepreneurs. The mentors and your classmates will all understand the unique challenges that come with trying to make a dollar AND a difference. Oh, and those other business coaching programs? They can cost into the thousands of dollars...  Here at Social Change Nation, you'll get it all in this one simple and affordable package. Here's how the program will break down:

  • It runs 3 months (Feb 15th-May 15th), during that time you'll get:
    • 2x group coaching calls per month (60 minutes).
      • These groups calls are capped to 10 students. Josh (of Social Change) will lead a lesson, often with one of the mentors. We'll spend 30 minutes on the lesson and 30 minutes of Q&A.
    • Access to funding
      • Along the way, we'll run experiments that'll get you out and talking to target customers. For doing this, we'll be able to access funding that will help you with things like Facebook Ads or other needs to get your business launched.
    • A private Facebook group.
      • It's here that you'll work with your fellow classmates, mentors, and Josh (of Social Change Nation) to set goals, keep yourself accountable, and get all your questions answered.
    • One-on-one coaching from Josh of Social Change Nation as needed.
    • Unlimited email access to Josh as you workshop business challenges

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6 Group Coaching Sessions Hosted LIVE (w/Q&A)

Remember the coaching group will be kept small for maximum interaction & transformation. It's just you, Josh from Social Change Nation, and a few other classmates who are growing with you. We'll even have special guest appearances from mentors like Brittain Kovac of Hostel KC! There are tons of business classes out there, but these coaching sessions are the only ones tailored just for YOU, the Startup Social Entrepreneur.  Here's a sampling of the ground we'll cover: (NOTE - all classes will be recorded in case you miss one!)

  • How to get customers from day 1
  • Learn about dozens of FREE tools that'll help you launch faster
  • How to fund your social entrepreneur's startup
  • Social media for social entrepreneurs
  • Branding for social entrepreneurs
  • How to find the cause your business will support
  • How to create purpose driven partnerships that will help your biz grow exponentially
  • How to build a community of loyal customers

Access to a Private Facebook Group

  • Ongoing access to our founders and a small group of 8-10 new Social Entrepreneurs
  • Immediate advice and assistance as you grow your cause based startup

What's The Schedule?

We'll be recording all classes, so if you can't make one don't worry!  You can even send in questions in advance to have them answered live.  Here are the important dates you want to be aware of:

  • February 15th: Enrollment closes.  (That's right!  We won't be taking applications after this date, so don't delay!)
  • February 18th-May 15th: Group coaching calls happen bi-weekly. (we will flex exact time depending on group's needs)
  • February 18th-May 15th: 2 hours of one-on-one coaching with you and Josh of Social Change Nation
  • February 18th-May 15thUnlimited email access to Josh of Social Change Nation - this will literally be his (much more than) full-time deal :)
  • LifetimeUnlimited access to startup social entrepreneurs via our private Facebook group.

What's the Price?

This 3 month program includes 6 group coaching classes, access to our network of mentors, lifetime access to our private Facebook group, unlimited access to Josh of Social Change Nation + two hours of one-on-one Skype coaching. As a bonus, we'll also give you free access to advanced video courses we'll offer in 2016! In an effort to be friendly to social entrepreneur's budgets, we've priced this at $149 per month for three months. Or, you can pay $397 all at once and get a nice discount. Oh, and we also guarantee you'll get tons more value out of this than the asking price.  Check out more on that below or click the button below to get rolling...

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Cool! But What's My Guarantee?

We're going to do everything in our power to help you be a successful Social Entrepreneur and it's going to demand a lot of work from you.  If, in the end, you pour your heart into this and don’t feel like you get 10x return on every dollar you pay us, tell us what you thought it was actually worth, and we’ll refund the difference. All the way down to zero. You have 30 days after the last class to let us know. That's our guarantee!

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No problem.  Shoot Josh an email at  We'd be glad to get you more info, answer any questions, or even hop on the phone to make sure this is the fit for you!